Made-to-measure coverings

Etuis des Alpes creates and manufactures cases, sheaths, pouches, bags, backpacks, technical coverings, storage covers and made-to-measure carrying cases.

We make all kinds of textile cases according to specifications defined with our customers. We can manage your project from start to finish, from the design phase to adapting it to your distribution network.


Prototype workshop

At AdvanceXL, we note details and specificities and focus on your item’s essential elements to design, create and manufacture it. The key to a successful project is a high-quality preparatory phase. In our textile packaging prototype workshop, we provide prototyping expertise for accessories, plastic injection and luxury cardboard casings. We create over 240 prototypes each year. We study all your ideas, no matter how complex.

ARTech bags

We make models for bags, covers, carrying cases and accessories that are specially designed for the fine arts to meet the requirements of students, artists, gallery owners, museums and art and communication professionals.

We aim to facilitate the everyday transportation of fragile items, large works, drawing portfolios and canvas stretchers. Whether they are designs, paintings, mock-ups or fragile items, ARTech bags innovates and contributes its know-how to improving their transportation in a practical, attractive and comfortable way.



With Advance XL, you benefit from skill in crafting leather goods and textiles combined with today’s technology. We produce both on an industrial scale and in small series. Our head office is located in Annecy, and our sales office is in Paris. Our multilingual team proposes a very concrete approach to work methods and will introduce you to the latest innovations in terms of textiles and processing.

AdvanceXL focuses on three areas of activity:
At Etuis des Alpes, we create and manufacture made-to-measure textile coverings that are tailored to your brand.
Our prototype workshop is available for you to develop and concretize your ideas and projects using a variety of materials and extensive know-how.
Under the ARTech bags brand, we market our products dedicated to transportation for the fine arts (cases, sheaths, covers and carrying cases).

Textile case and

packaging manufacturer

In 2010, AdvanceXL began to create and manufacture made-to-measure textile cases and sheaths.

In the beginning, our expertise centered on prototyping. Gradually, we grew from being an artisanal creator open to international markets to becoming the manufacturer and partner for major French, Swiss and German brands and distributors.

Our production tools are exclusively artisanal. Our knowledge of tailoring and over twenty years of experience have enabled us to choose and train teams according to European criteria. Our high quality standards mean that we have an extremely low rate of return (2 PPM).


serving the fine arts

After noting that fine arts students had only black covers and pouches for carrying their tools, materials and easels, we worked with graphic arts professionals to develop sturdy, technically perfected coverings, in all sizes and in trendy colors.

Since then, we supply 29.7 x 42 cm, 32.5 x 50 cm, 50 x 65 cm, 56 x 76 cm, 75 x 106 cm and 90 x 126 formats for bags and carrying cases. Our carrying cases are manufactured according to French stretcher sizes. Backpacks are available in 21 x 29.7 cm and 29.7 x 42 cm formats.

These bags, covers, carrying cases, backpacks and accessories for the fine arts are designed under the ARTech bags brand for students, professionals, amateurs, galleries, museums, communication agencies and companies.


Backpacks, covers, bags and totes…

A full line of made-to-measure textile coverings

Because we have provided an increasing number of solutions to our B2B customers through our end-to-end offer of made-to-measure textile coverings, they are entrusting us with more and more projects.

Our team provides support for your project and the design of your products all the way to delivery.

To store, protect or beautify, we manufacture all types of textile packaging, including small envelopes in silk or organza, leather or simili-leather cases, sheaths in imitation suede, mesh washing bags, drawstring bags in organic cotton, bags and totes in thick cotton, pouches in composite leather, backpacks in Cordura, carrying cases in synthetic fabric and carrying cases in D900 PU. For other shapes and contents, we propose many natural materials and technical fabrics.
What best characterizes the work of your company?
We like to create innovative, long-lasting products with the best quality-to-price ratio.
Who are your customers?
We have quite a variety of customers with specific expectations, and with each new encounter we continue to search for quality and durability that will represent the values of a product or brand. Our leading markets are paramedical equipment, wines and spirits, outdoor activities, creative hobbies, fine arts and tableware, as well as cosmetics, perfumes and luxury goods. Each year, we adapt to new markets.
How do you make a textile packaging prototype?
It’s very straightforward. You tell us what you want, and we take charge of your project according to a well-structured creative protocol, with technical data sheets, implementation of sizes and patterns and cutting and assembling of materials.
What is the manufacturing time frame for cases or technical bags?
In general, we produce and deliver your orders within four to eight weeks, depending on quantities and finishing. In an emergency, we make every effort to do the impossible.
What is your minimum order?
We adapt to all types of requests. Depending on the item, we can produce piece by piece or on an industrial scale, with over 800,000 pieces per year.
How can customers contact AdvanceXL?
For an initial contact and information, we suggest you send us an email request with your phone number.