Company and know-how

The Sky is the Limit

AdvanceXL transforms your ideas into concrete objects.

We are constantly looking for pertinent solutions for our customers’ textile packaging projects, and our goal is the success of these projects. We are ready to lend a hand for the mid- or long-term sales cycles involved in creating new lines, as well as for the marketing of catalog products.

Advance XL has its roots in the Haute-Savoie department.


The AdvanceXL industrial tool is characterized by the extensive expertise behind each of its products. Small specialized workshops that have confidence in us and look up to us are able to handle products in large numbers or produce limited series that rely on the manufacturing processes we have implemented in Portugal and in France.

Certifications and standards

AdvanceXL ensures full, detailed certification according to your product specifications and to the product’s final destination. Every day, we implement certification tests for REACH, EN7.1, 2, 3, CE standards, SCC and ANSI and can even prepare your product for the Japanese market with Consumer Product Safety Act certifications.


Advance XL has established a platform in the Rhône-Alpes region to cover distribution in Europe. This platform receives our products coming most often by train. It is in charge of expeditions for our large accounts, delivering to our customers in France and Europe, and for sales made from our e-business site.


AdvanceXL has over twenty years of experience acquired in a variety of domains, including textile leather goods, bags and carrying cases, textile carrying cases, covers and pouches, drawstring bags and sleeves.
We also use this expertise to create flexible natural and technical materials, leathers, leather laces, canvases, thread, molds, plastic injection, permanent magnets, fiberglass and accessories for leather goods.

Social responsibility

AdvanceXL has developed a group of partners, usually artisans, with whom we share our expertise and, for some, our manufacturing tools. Every year, we invest in improving our set of tools and machines so that our team can include new know-how and enable us to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Our workshops are all people-oriented.