Fine arts

ARTech bags

Today, ARTech bags come in a full line of colorful bags, coverings and carrying cases for transporting objects of various sizes.

Our models have been designed with room for easy storage and small accessories that make transportation easier. The textiles and finishings used guarantee solidity, while providing impermeability and protection for all your art objects. Each model has a specific use; from simple bags to sophisticated carrying case versions with padding, you’ll find the color and size you’re looking for. Most of the Premium and Pro items can be cleverly folded into a storage cover to save space, a detail that makes a difference.


Every year, ARTech bags is a partner in back-to-school and supplies a large part of the art schools in France through its distributors.


Transporting paintings, canvases or stretchers requires a protective carrying case. Pro carrying cases meet this need with a structure in reinforced flannel padding. With straps, handles and fastenings that are easy to manipulate, these bags provide safe transportation, and elastic ties on the inside keep your objects in place. It can hold up to ten canvases. The removable fiberglass stays make it possible to fold the bag flat after use. It has a storage cover that takes up a minimum of space.

Pro carrying cases come in five formats, from 29.7 x 42 cm to 60 FPM.


Specially designed for fragile and delicate objects, the BOXBAG is reinforced and padded. It lets you transport your fragile work without risk of breakage. The bag opens and closes fully on each side, making it easy to insert and remove an object without forcing or extraction. It features a simple clip fastening on each side and indispensable handles for carrying. The bag comes in two sizes.

A high-quality bag that’s handy and innovative!


The perfect backpack for a fine arts student. With this backpack, arms are free. For walking or on a bike, for short or longer trips, this is a well-designed bag. Rectangular in shape, it holds two sizes: 29.7 x 42 cm/32.5 x 50 cm and 21 x 29.7/50 x 65 cl. Practical and waterproof, it has two storage pockets for accessories, brushes, pencils and personal belongings.  This ARTech bags innovation comes in three colors.


For transporting art portfolios and even canvases on stretchers, this sturdy, well-made case goes with you everywhere. With a lockable zippered opening on three sides, textile handles and a shoulder strap, a system for attaching a tube, an extra-light and sturdy fabric, this case has everything you need for easy, optimal manipulation.

For the first three formats, you have a choice of seven shades; the three largest formats are in black.


Since brushes are fragile, with bristles that deteriorate and easily become deformed, ARTech bags has designed a brush pouch in a robust, waterproof fabric that is sewn with slots for brushes and clay modeling tools. The pouch rolls up and fastens with elastic bands. Its handle adds a nice finishing touch that adds to practicality.  


As the simplest and most affordable of our products, this bag is a faithful companion for art students. From home to studio, from classroom to design office, the bag transports your projects comfortably and safely, thanks to a sturdy, waterproof fabric and double shoulder strap. Three sizes are available, ranging from 29.7 x 42 cm to 50 x 62 cm.