Étuis des Alpes

Creation and manufacture

of made-to-measure coverings


Prestigious French, Swiss and German brands and retailers rely on Etuis des Alpes to create and manufacture their coverings and textile packaging lines. Our customers represent a variety of markets with specific expectations. What binds these customers to us is our answer to their search for quality and robustness at a competitive price.

We work mainly for brands specialized in outdoor activities, tableware, fine arts, paramedical activities, sports, luxury and gastronomy.


The first step in a project consists in determining the detailed design of your product. This concrete approach allows early positioning of a cost objective. As soon as you have built your product brief or marketing plan for your item, we are ready to work hand-in-hand with you. In this way, we can anticipate upstream the choice and use of materials and their application in the future production context. We can also put you in contact with designers who are specialized by application and material. Most projects are built using one or more prototyping steps until the desired result is obtained.


Our materials catalog is continuously updated because it is influenced by new research and developments in the manufacture of textiles, flexible materials and leather.
Our know-how covers various technical applications, including thermal regulation, safety with cut-resistant fabrics, natural and organic quality, luxury materials like fine leather and silk, eco-recycling with recycled materials and the use of connected materials or functions.


Our catalog of materials and accessories is regularly updated. Here are some of the textiles we use regularly:

D300, D600, D900, D1100, PU and PVC polyesters, simili-leathers, microfibers, nylons,

cork fabrics, wool felt, recycled felt, viscose felt, jute, cotton, organic cotton, linen, silk,

imitation suede, taffeta, satin,

canvas, leather and composite leather, Korean nubuck.


We choose artisans and smaller companies as partners according to their know-how and the quality of their work. This enables us to offer you the following techniques: induction, laminating, press cutting, laser cutting, water cutting, air cutting, hot cutting, “planing”, embossing and hot stamping.

For each step in the manufacturing process, we have the appropriate specialist.

Design and creation

Projects are brought to life mainly in the Haute-Savoie department and in Paris. In this first phase, we focus on translating your idea into a product. To do this, we work with you on the details that will make a difference or that will provide singularity. In the design phase, we aim to create an environment that encourages exchanging ideas. A well-matured project at this stage guarantees greater success.

Once the product has been defined, a technical data sheet is established that lists all decisions made and relevant information. This document is the project roadmap. But sometimes creation may be redefined as the project evolves.


We have an expert prototyper who is specialized in the assembly and fastening of flexible materials and textiles to provide project support.

We know that paying careful attention to and using the proper means for prototyping makes all the difference. The prototype enables you to get as close as possible to your future project or even to make an identical model of it. Once the administrative formalities for the project have been completed, we present your product to you.

Industrial sample and certification

Production starts on the basis of industrial samples to satisfy certification needs for your products. Depending on your market and market requirements, we carefully select materials that are as compliant as possible with current standards and obligations. To do this, we manufacture samples that are compliant with the production of your order for your certification laboratory or our own, depending on the certification chosen. After obtaining these results, we can confirm your order and launch production.


Our production schedules generally cover from two to four weeks, depending on product and quantity. If necessary or for an urgent request, we are also able to manufacture in less than ten days.


To meet our customers’ cost and deadline objectives, 95% of our flows are grouped by rail and 5% are grouped by plane. The majority of groupings are handled by one of our logistics partners in France, Belgium or Germany. Ninety-nine percent of the time, orders are delivered on the requested date. Meeting deadlines is our priority.