Prototype workshop

Prototype workshop for
textile packaging

Our team of textile and flexible material packaging specialists gets ready to help you concretize your project by taking careful note of your requests.  Each month, we create more than 20 prototypes for our customers and prospects. What sets us off in project management is our ability to make real prototypes early in the design process to avoid differences of perception between 3D designs and reality.

In general, a simple prototype can be made in 5-10 days. We rely on a network of materials and accessories suppliers who are chosen according to our quality standards. The workshop is able to make all kinds of items, from leather cases to carrying cases for travel, as well as all necessary textile accessories.

We work hand-in-hand with the product marketing and development teams of our large accounts to support their research and development before starting a new product launch process.

Luxury cardboard boxes

Our cardboard workshop makes all box formats in neutral cardboard that can be personalized through quality and thickness, color, laminating with a chosen paper, engraving, a magnetized closing, adding a slide-out drawer or handles. The inside can be precisely cut to hold an object. We use the latest printing, cutting, goffering and embossing technologies.  As a final touch, we provide your packaging with your choice of accessory, such as a ribbon or sticker. You create your design and choose your graphics; packaging is studied according to your needs. We offer you a tailored, original creation that evokes your company’s image.

Everything is made by hand and delivery deadlines are very short.

Plastic injection molding

In collaboration with its ZHK Moulds subcontractor, AdvanceXL offers plastic injection molding. We originally included this expertise because of a need to manufacture sturdy, high-quality accessories to be used as buckles and fastenings for our technical backpacks. On the strength of ten years of cooperation and plastic injection mold development, you can count our know-how for obtaining very precise parts to be used in a broad variety of areas (industry, tooling and electronics). Using your ideas or 3D files, our workshop can meet all your needs for parts, prototypes and plastic injection molds, for items ranging from medium sizes to micro series. Creating a plastic injection mold takes from two to six weeks. Finishing is manual. We frequently start a project using prototypes made by a 3D printer.

Our specialists are ready to study and undertake your project.


Fiberglass is used in numerous textile packaging applications, in particular to reinforce the material in technical bags, and is appreciated for its light weight, chemical inertia and resistance to impact. We propose using it in all ways, according to needs, as an accessory to add rigidity and reinforce, maintain or support your end product.  We manufacture all types of fiberglass objects.  We work in a tailored way that agrees with your specifications.


Manufactured by a partner, our magnets come in a broad variety of shapes and finishes that adapt to your uses and constraints. The powerful adherence of magnets makes them an unbeatable material for closings and fastening. The magnets we use are particularly well-adapted to leather goods, carrying cases and cardboard items. Small, discrete, powerful and compact, they ensure perfect function and smoothly integrate with the object. Rings, cylinders, discs, balls, squares, rectangular systems: you can order any kind of magnet—even just the magnet alone—at unbeatable prices!

Hardware for leather goods

Small details are what make an object beautiful. For leather goods, metal hardware has an important role in ensuring solidity, reliability and attractiveness. Since it is subject to intensive use, it must be robust and high quality. Fasteners, rings, handles, clips, buckles, snap hooks, snap buttons, ties—all shapes are possible, and each one comes in the desired finishing: gold-colored, silver-colored, steel, bronze or the color of your choice. We regularly apply personalized markings or a logo. The elegance of metal accessories is important and adds a style that denotes individuality for users.

Our design office will be able to answer all your requests.


We work with several tanneries that use traditional methods to bring out the beauty of leather. We propose coverings, fasteners, reinforcements, straps and laces to add beauty to an item, even to jewelry, and finishings like marking and embossing. We offer a variety of colors, thicknesses, finishings and decorations in boiled leather, tanned leather, nubuck, suede, split leather, skiver, full grain leather with an aniline finish, Salamander bonded leather and plant-tanned leather.